Meet Joseph!

joseph venunsiMeet Joseph Venansi, a 13 year-old who joined White Orange Youth’s psychosocial support and child care club at the beginning of this year. Joseph, when asked his favorite part about the club’s opportunities, mentioned his improved computer skills, the ability to play sports and outdoor activities, and the Hero book.

White Orange Youth provides laptops and lessons where kids can spend a few hours improving their skills. There is also space for kids to get together for sports and outdoor activities. Before joining the club, Joseph’s family couldn’t afford computer lessons outside of school, and there wasn’t much space for sports in the streets surrounding Joseph’s home.

Joseph also continuously mentions the Hero book, which helped him think about the person he wants to become. Joseph said the Hero book helped him to think about what steps he should take to so he can achieve his dream of becoming a medical doctor.

White Orange Youth’s psychosocial support and child care club reaches out to children who are vulnerable because of poverty or an insecure environment. Joseph lives with his parents and his younger siblings, his grandparents, and two of their grandchildren. They are a hard working family; his grandparents make a living selling plantains in front of the house, his mother sells wheat, and his father drives a wheelbarrow. However, the family has trouble finding enough means for things like education, meals, and clothes.

As a result of joining White Orange Youth, Joseph says he has had the opportunity to meet generous people and receive support for school fees, school uniforms, and even a chicken project. “These things motivate me to participate in the children’s club. I will advise other kids to be more active and passionate and one day they will be able to count the benefit,” says Joseph.

John, White Orange Youth’s founder, describes Joseph as happy, kind, and determined. As an older brother of Selestin, who is 9, and Deo, who is 7, he is setting a great example! These are just a few of the people I am so excited to meet in just a few months! To learn more about White Orange Youth, the support they provide for children like Joseph, and to help support their programs, click here!


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